Falling Up - Shel Silverstein

This book can truly be utilized for all grades.  However, it is an excellent resource for fourth and fifth grades. The poems are not lengthy and still maintain simple verbiage.  I recently used several of the poems for an inference lesson.  Truly, this book and Where the Sidewalk Ends are wonderful literary tools in the classroom when teaching poetry. 

Where the Sidewalk Ends - Shel Silverstein

I love the versatility of this book.  It can be used for all elementary grades.  I recently used it to teach a theme lesson to fifth graders.  They loved the poem.  This book contains something for every teacher and every class.

Please, Mr. Panda - Steve Antony

This is a perfect first few weeks of school kindergarten book.  During those weeks when classroom management is so important, this book could be used for discussions about lunchroom behaviors or good manners. 

The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

This would be a great book for second and/or third grades. It could be utilized during a discussion of appropriate behaviors and the importance of giving or even the consequences of taking advantage of others. It could also be used to discuss the environment. 

Kitten's First Full Moon - Kevin Henkes

This is a perfect book for Kindergarteners.  The verbiage is simple and clear showing a concise cause and effect relationship.  Although the book is illustrated in black and white, the way it is written adds to the setting and the overall effect of the book.  I believe this book could even be used with older students to demonstrate how words can add color to a picture and give a book life.